I was 8 months pregnant and discussing costume ideas with my 3 year old daughter, hoping to make something for myself that would work with whatever she wanted to be. I had been knitting a red riding hood for months (from a pattern out of “Fairy Tale Knits”), and she told me she wanted to wear it for Halloween. The only thing I could think of to play up the baby bump, was the wolf that ate the grandmother. So, I finished her red riding hood and bought her a little Bavarian type dress on consignment and just altered it a bit.

Then I had to make myself a big bad wolf costume. We were having a Halloween party for a bunch of little kids, and I didn’t want it to be too scary, so there were no good options for buying a mask. So, I made one out of felt, adding a leather nose with a little stuffing under it and attaching some elastic. It took 2 attempts, but the second one worked great and I could easily pull it away from my face if any of the kids were unsure about the “scary” wolf. To make the wolf hat, I bought some fur fabric and used a really great online tutorial.

I obviously modified the pattern a bit for the shapes I needed, but the tutorial was so useful. I used more of the fur and made some legwarmers and arm-warmer style sleeves, just winging it with the sewing machine and affixing elastic to hold in place. I found some used elbow-length black gloves to wear under the furry sleeves and a granny-style dress and apron at a thrift store. I had to make the mop cap, using another tutorial I found online. The grandmother in my belly needed no further modification. I didn’t get very good pictures of myself (I was hosting a party after all), but the bump was plenty prominent enough for everyone to get the idea.

No grandmothers were harmed in the making of my costume.