This costume rocked! Someone said this costume was, “Original, scary and pretty at the same time!”

My daughter wanted a unique look. (Or, maybe she wanted to make my life difficult for a bit, ha!) She loves Elsa, but didn’t want to just be another Elsa so she created the character of ‘Ice Queen’, Elsa’s grandmother.

She had to be old so she needed white hair. So we carried the theme of white all the way through for a very icy cold, snowy look. For the first time, we were thankful that Christmas decorations were already on sale at Halloween because we used Christmas decorations (iced twigs) and white duct tape for the crown. We bought a used wedding dress Halloween costume and used the veil as a cape instead. The dress had sparkles all over so it already looked very ‘icy’

To add a bit more flair, I cut a white boa and sewed it to the bottom of the veil and onto the the front of the dress. The boa had shimmery accents too – another icy affect. My 8 year old daughter decided she wanted icicles for fingers. (Again wanting to rack my brain, ugh! how can I pull off icicle fingers?)  Well, once I figured out a way to do it, they were fun and easy to do.

She wanted bendable fingers, so I used white duct tape around pipe cleaners to shape the fingers, leaving a hole for her finger on one side of the ‘finger’. I cut the ends of the fingers from a pair white gloves and stuck the duct tape fingers through the holes in the gloves so she could just slide her hand into the glove and have the long fingers stay in place.

To top it off she wore a white costume wig, white face paint with blue lips and blue accents around the eyes and glitter paint for shimmer on her face. We also painted her neck and chest solid white. She was completely white :) and WOWZA ! She looked totally AMAZING.

This costume was a major head turner. She was the standout costume everywhere we went and she ate it up. Loved every minute of wearing it. Cars even stopped to say something, and almost no one walked by without complimenting her costume.

Wow did it look amazing in black lights and all the other crazy Halloween lighting decorations. Don’t know how we’re going to top this one next year. Maybe all purple? :)