I was trying to think up an original idea for a toddler costume this year. After looking around my house for inspiration, I came up with the idea of making a magic potion bottle.

I wanted the costume to be lightweight and comfortable.  I considered cardboard and paper mache, but our toddler is kind of fussy about costumes and I figured she would balk at being put in any kind of box. The best idea I could come up with was a fabric dress that resembled the shape of a bottle.

I started with a sleeveless bell shaped dress that came to about our toddlers thighs. I added a ring of boning around the bottom hem to keep an oval shape to the bottom of the dress. Then I added on another 8 inches of fabric so that the bottle reached the floor.

There were a lot of label styles available for free off the internet. I considered “Magic Potion” and “Elixir of Life”, but finally decided on the “Eye of Newt” because I could decorate the bottle with eyeballs. I enlarged and printed out the label I liked and glued it to a piece of craft foam . Then I sewed that to the front of the bottle.

The eyeballs that I glued to the bottle are from a strand of Halloween lights. I took the eyeballs off the strand of lights and broke them in half at the seam. I used glue to affix the eye balls to the bottle. The bottle cap hat is made from a cylinder of craft foam with a circle of craft foam glued to the top. The eye on top of the cap is a painted ball that I glued on top.

The costume was a great success! Our little girl was comfortable and happy wearing this costume. She loved all the attention she got from her admirers when dressed up. She even keep the cap on. The craft foam was very light and she hardly noticed the cap was on !!