One of our favorite 1st place costumes.  We (entire family) go all out for Halloween! Every year we have a costume party & contest.  Every year my wife & I take turns picking what theme we will use to create our couples costume.  And every year we take the “Gold”!

This year was my choice.  I went with Mexican Outlaw. For some reason, we got a late start on starting our costumes.  While shopping for costume accessories, my wife stumbled upon a costume that she felt with our late start might still work with our costume idea.  So she bought it and bought some cool accessories to change it up a bit and add her own flavor to it.  My costume was based 100% on her costume.

I searched high & low for the right mask.  I found one that was way more amazing that I had expected too!  I glued a fake cigar to my mask.  Oversized seems to be the best reaction getter these days.  Shirt, pants and vest were all bought from the local thrift store.  Oversized bullet holes drawn in shirt.  Oversized bullets/bullet holster made the perfect accessory from the local costume store.  Oversized pistols were 100% hand made by me and really put the “Icying” on my costume.  Hope you guys like it!