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“Prick or Treat” Cactus Costume

We made this cactus costume for our daughter, Margaret, who was made in Scottsdale, AZ. She was a desert girl from the beginning. We eventually moved to GA and she was born on June 7, 2014. My husband and I have always loved Arizona and the beauty in the desert… from the prickly pears to the cacti and blooming flowers.

This year, for Halloween, I wanted to represent our home and the place that started the journey of our daughter. I love creating and I knew I wanted to make her costume this year. What started as a Google search and then a trek to Pinterest, and finally to Etsy, I found the perfect cactus hat.

I contacted the seller because her shop said the hat was out of stock, but I knew I needed it. After emailing her, she said she could make it for me and it was delivered in less than a week. Then the fun began!

Cactus Costume Instructions

  • I found the perfect jumpsuit in just the right color and size at H&M.
  • I then got creative at the craft store and found white strung wire, pink foam stickers, a Sharpie and a terra cotta pot.
  • Did I mention her shoes are moccasins which are perfect for an Arizona theme?
  • I individually sewed on the wire, put the flowers on the arms (just like a real cactus), and designed the terra cotta pot by hand with a marker.
  • On the pot I wrote the line: “Prick or Treat” which I came up with myself. For those who know cacti, they are very prickly.

After posting a picture on Instagram of Margaret, my newsfeed blew up… and by that I mean, I already have over 100 likes and I just posted it a few hours ago. People are telling me how creative and original her costume is. Many people have told me how perfect and beautiful our daughter is and how amazing her costume looks.

It was tough getting the perfect picture, but we did it and that was my favorite part! I loved setting the scene using my own daughter. Saguaro cacti are known for their arms and that’s exactly what she’s replicating in the picture with her own arms in the air. They are strong and so beautiful, especially in bloom and I cannot agree more with the fact that she is the most beautiful cactus I have ever seen!

When researching online, I only came across a few other baby/toddler cactus costume ideas, but I have to admit that Margaret’s is the best! Not only is she in the perfect desert setting with rocks and stone, but her big beautiful eyes draw you in, just like when you see refreshing blue water in the desert. So this year, instead of a trick or treat, we say, prick or treat!

Happy Halloween from a little cactus named Margaret!

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