Coolest Homemade Cactus Costume

Homemade Cactus Costume

We had just moved to Mesa, AZ… in honor of the heat and the local flora, we decided our six-month old daughter just had to be a cactus! After scouring the internet and only finding a few very ugly cactus costume ideas – I knew there was a way I could do it and make … Read more

Coolest Cactus Homemade Costume

Homemade  Cactus Costume

This costume was for Western Day at my school. I knew right away that I wanted to be a cactus, but figuring out how to do it was more difficult. In the end I came up with a very easy way to make this costume. Materials: Cardboard Bubble Wrap Toothpicks Green paper Double Sided Sticky … Read more

Coolest Giant Homemade Cactus Costume

homemade cactus costume

Last year, I moved to the Southwest, and wanted to celebrate with something southwest themed. Roadrunner? Cotote? Chile pepper? Nope… I went with an 8-foot tall giant saguaro cactus. The entire homemade cactus costume was made in about 4 hours, using chicken wire and Green duct tape, plus a little weather stripping and green pipe … Read more

“Prick or Treat” Cactus Costume

"Prick or Treat" Cactus Costume

We made this cactus costume for our daughter, Margaret, who was made in Scottsdale, AZ. She was a desert girl from the beginning. We eventually moved to GA and she was born on June 7, 2014. My husband and I have always loved Arizona and the beauty in the desert… from the prickly pears to … Read more

Super-Original Homemade Costume Idea: Cactus Cutie

Going to another "Wild West" themed party? Tired of being a cowgirl..saloon girl...outlaw? Want something that's original and looks sharp (:P) at

Going to another “Wild West” themed party? Tired of being a cowgirl..saloon girl…outlaw? Want something that’s original and looks sharp (:P) at the same time?  Cactus Cutie is for you!  This costume was easy to create and fun to wear and I definitely stood out in the crowd although I did get confused for a … Read more

Coolest Cactus, Tumbleweed, Flowers and Tree Family Costume

Coolest Cactus, Tumbleweed, Flowers and Tree Family Costume

My husband wanted to be a cactus and since we always do a family costume, I decided to be tumbleweed. My 2 daughters are flowers and my son is a tree. My husband’s costume is made of felt. The head is lined with foam rubber, with green mesh over his face. The body is a … Read more

Coolest Cactus Homemade Couple Costume

Homemade Cactus Costume

Our work recently hosted a “Wild West” theme party. Instead of going as the usual cowboy/girl we thought we’d go as cacti. It was very easy to make and walking to the venue we received many laughs, comments and even some tourists who wanted some photos! It was great fun. Here’s how: Materials 1 x … Read more

Coolest Cactus Costume

Cactus  Antenna costume

I was sitting around thinking of a great idea for a costume and remembered my boyfriend telling me a story. His mother had a Cactus ornament on her antenna of her car. Cactus Cowboy Joe, was the name they gave him. They had taken this ornament off of her antenna and held it for ransom; … Read more