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Coolest Homemade Saloon Girl Costume

Halloween is my favourite holiday, and I like to be something unique and different. This year I wasn’t sure what to be when I came across a really puffy crinoline and top at a thrift store for 12 dollars. I decided I was going to be a saloon girl. I had a corset top at home and so that part was easy. I’m pretty sure the skirt and shirt were part of an old square dancing costume so the shirt had a ruffly neckline. I was able to find two black skirts at the same thrift store.

I had the main part of the costume complete so I just needed accessories. I found a lace fan, a sequin headband, a feather clip, a choker and a cameo broch. I pinned the cameo to the choker, and added another feather to the feather clip that I attached to the sequin headband. I got some fishnet stockings and all I needed was some boots. I was able to find something similar to what I had originally wanted at a department store.

I used foam curlers on my hair and did my makeup using false eyelashes. I painted my nails purple with black tips and put on some bright red lipstick. I was really, really impressed with my costume and everyone asked me where I bought it! I also thought it was cool that when I made the costume there were no other saloon girls on this website! Thanks for all your amazing ideas though!!

Homemade Saloon Girl Costume

Homemade Saloon Girl Costume

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