Coolest DIY Womens Cowgirl Costume

I didn’t know what I was going to be for Halloween this year until I was inspired by my long brown boots. A light bulb went on in my head and I just thought of “Cowgirl”. I think cowgirls are beautiful and confident when they ride beautiful horses. I recently went on a trip upstate and learned how to horseback ride. All of these events inspired me to create a Womens Cowgirl costume this year!

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Showing you my experience walking in the #HalloweenParade for the first time rather than just watching from the crowd. Unforgettable experience. Glad people loved my costume & I loved theirs! Amazing vibes, everyone was so friendly. I think my favorite part was these two little girls who screamed so loud "unicorn" to me just to take a picture. So adorable. Lastly, much love & respect to my mom @violetasamoilo for going on this adventure with me & the Lord Jesus Christ for keeping me safe, & not harmed. Def. doing this again! 😀👸🏼🦄🌟🎃🌚🕷☠️👻🕸🌹❤️ #HappyHalloween #Halloween #Halloween2016 #PostHalloween #HalloweenNYC #VillageHalloweenParade #Springstreet #Glowparty #Lights #NY1boo #NYC #Cowgirl #Costume #CowgirlCostume #Horse #Unicorn #Model #Modeling #October31 #2016 #KristinaRose #KristinaRoseOfficial #LifeOfTheRose

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Making The Womens Cowgirl Costume

I created the costume all on my own without even going out to a costume store. The clothes I wore were already in my wardrobe. I bought the long boots couple of months ago because I’m obsessed with boots.

The cowgirl hat and star necklace were actually given to me as a gift from a friend. The blonde wig is actually a Hannah Montana wig I used one Halloween when I was younger because I thought the blonde hair would go great for the cowgirl style.

Lastly, the toy horse I’m holding was also a gift I had from my parents when I was little. Basically my whole costume was inspiration & creativity of taking the stuff I already had and making it into my amazing style of how I wanted to be looked at as a Cowgirl. It’s awesome how it turned out and I felt confident!

Reactions to my Costume

Wow the reactions were amazing! I actually decided to walk in the 43rd Halloween Parade this year in New York City in my Womens Cowgirl costume and so many adults and kids took pictures of me. I feel humble, grateful, confident and blessed. Since my dream is to be a model/singer it felt great to get back out there in front of thousands of people embracing what I love to connect with others and exude confidence to others. If I can do it anyone can!

My favorite part of the night was these two little girls who were screaming “unicorn” just to take a pic with me because they were crunched by the crowd. I took time to give them my respects. Halloween 2016 is one I will never forget. Fun and amazing experience.