For Halloween we all went as xmen as a family. This was our 6-year old son’s idea because he already had a Wolverine costume that he had not worn. We couldn’t resist him asking us if we could go as a family so that’s how this came about.

For our two sons they both had matching store purchased Wolverine costumes that had the fake muscles, it was very cute. We turned their plastic wagon into the xmen jet and that was the highlight of our group theme. We covered the wagon with black construction paper, right down to the seats. We cut out the wings of the jet out of cardboard and spray painted them black. The cardboard was an old pizza box out of our recycling. Then we taped them on using black duct tape. There was a set of large wings and a set of smaller wings. I researched jets online to get some pictures. On the back of the jet there were two rockets that were tube shaped construction paper with yellow and orange construction paper sticking our resembling fire coming out of the jet’s rockets.

For mine and my husband’s costumes he was Cyclopes and I was Storm. For Cyclopes my husband wore a black top with leather jacket that he already had and jeans for comfort. For his eyewear we used a wide hair headband and cut out the middle, glued a strip of red shear ribbon on it and taped on a laser light. It was really cute because he could press the laser light and make it look like a red laser coming out of his eyes like Cyclopes.

For Storm the key to my costume was white out contact lenses. I know there is a lot of negative press about Halloween contacts but these contacts were prescription and approved by my eye doctor. I wear contact normally anyway so these white contact were very comfortable. I used colored hair spray to spray my hair a white shade. The white hair and white eyes was a huge hit and people were amazed by my eyes. I wore a black dress I already had with a cape I purchased at my local GoodWill store. I wore tights, boots and long black gloves I borrowed from a friend. My husband and I (Cyclopes and Storm) also wore Xs on our chest to resemble the XMen logo.

This was a fun family costume to do.