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2nd Grade Picture Day Costume

I decided to be myself for Halloween! My mom still has a picture of me around the house with my mullet (it was the 80’s) and pink sweater with the laser background. Everyone always thought i looked ridiculous, but I was honestly really hip as a 2nd grader. I decided I would bring back the look for Halloween. I used a large poster board and printed the laser background and glued it to the cardboard. I poke holes and put rope thru so i could wear it as a backpack throughout the night, I found a similar outfit that I was wearing and a mullet wig to top it off. I went out that night and everyone loved the costume, especially the laser background which everyone always wanted even though it cost more and parents didnt want to spend extra for laser. my opinion, the extra money is so worth the laser.

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  1. I am SO doing this next year for Halloween! This year I’m going to be the boy from ET. All you need is a red hoodie, handle bars with a milk crate attached and your own little cute alien wrapped in a blanket! It’s absolute genious!!


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