I love that mad looking cat and the captions that folks give it! She is a real cat named Tarder Sauce and is an internet sensation. I crack up every time I see a photo of her. It took about 20 hours to make this grumpy cat costume, mostly from the hand stitching.

Here is how I made the costume:

  1. I bought 2 rolls of green 1” thick foam from a material store.
  2. I cut out the pieces of the front, back and hands and painted them white with some leftover house paint.
  3. I drew and painted on the face freehand from a photo of Grumpy off the internet
  4. I hand sewed it together painstakingly. It was all hand stitched and took about 20 hours to put the whole thing together.
  5. The final product was top heavy so I had to make a brace out of Styrofoam and bamboo pieces to shore it up.
  6. I cut out the face hole and added shoulder straps inside to hold it on. Then sewed elastic onto the hands so they would stay on.

The costume is about 8 feet tall and extremely noticeable when I walk into a room. Some folks recognize Grumpy Cat, others don’t but the costume is so big and comical that it gets a reaction!