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Coolest Headles Clown Costume 6

Homemade Headles Clown Costume

Homemade Headles Clown Costume

This is a headless clown costume I thought up about a couple of months before Halloween 2008. Originally it was to be a large inflated fat suit with the clown mask, but I couldn't find a fan to keep the costume inflated well enough yet fit in my budget, or a fat costume in my budget either.

I have to give a lot of credit to my grandmother and her excellent sewing skills. Without her this would still be a drawing on paper. She made what you can see (the outer costume with the stripes) from scratch. There is a Styrofoam shoulder piece that I cut out and sanded down. I used part of a fake leg to form the severed neck. I used those puffy sponges (Loofas?) for the Pom Poms.

There is a strip of scrap plywood that was crazy duct taped to me. I had 3 strips around my chest and stomach area( the problem was that I still needed to breathe so it couldn't be too tight and it was taped to a shirt I was wearing). There were strips making an X on my back. They were anchored over my shoulders, crossed each other over the wood strip and wrapped around my waist. It was just as hard to get off as it was to get on!

This costume caused quite the scare in my neighborhood. Everyone was either running, crying, or both. It was great. I just wish I had gotten some clown shoes before Halloween night but the costume wasn't ready till the Wed. right before Halloween.

Total cost was around $30-40

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Coolest Headless Halloween Costume 27

by Jaime S.

Homemade Headless Halloween Costume

Homemade Headless Halloween Costume

I was given this idea from someone on the internet. Then to make it all work, I checked this site, which was very helpful in putting it all together.

First I took a peanut butter jar and painted it flesh color. Then, I glued pulled pieces of cotton balls on top and here and there around the sides. Then, I painted the cotton blood red, letting it drip down the sides.

I went to a thrift shop and purchased an old shirt, pair of pants, and a rolling backpack. I hung the shirt and pants up outside, and let the paint drip down them. I cut the backpack up and removed the wheels, to where I only had the back straps and the poles. Then I attached a piece of cardboard, with two smaller pieces glued on to it posing as shoulders, to the poles.

After everything dried, I stuffed the arms with newspaper, the gloves with cotton, and safety pinned the gloves onto the cuffs of the shirt. Once the costume was on, we pinned the shirt around the pants, with room for his hands to hang out to carry his bag.

Everyone loved his costume. People were taking pictures all night. Although, getting in and out of the car was a bit troublesome. We found it easiest to put him in the front with the seat all of the way back.

Thank you again for all of the tips and cool pictures and ideas on this site.

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Coolest Homemade Headless Costume 28

by Nicole K.
(Lake Stevens, WA, US)

Homemade Headless Costume

Homemade Headless Costume

I created this Homemade Headless Costume by building the shoulder unit out of supplies around the house. I used a coat hanger, some duct tape, old pillows/cloth, and some packing Styrofoam.

I got the dress at Value Village for $6. I used some stuffed gloves for the hands. I made sure the dress was long enough to cover my knees (so I wouldn’t give away how tall I actually was). I wore some black pants and black shoes.

I sewed the finger and thumb together on the glove so it was holding my hair. This outfit got some great feedback out at the bar, but did not win the Halloween costume award.

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Coolest Homemade Headless Boy Costume 29

by Meagan S.
(Goldendale Wa )

Homemade Headless Boy Costume

Homemade Headless Boy Costume

My son's costume is a Headless Boy Costume. I made it out of a dress coat, a back pack and a lot of imagination! I had such a great time making this costume !

He won first place in our local costume contest and got his picture in the paper! People were taking his picture left and right!

Comments for Coolest Homemade Headless Boy Costume 29

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by: Kathleen

Hands down the best one I have seen!

by: Laura

thats looks real! I might just copycat it and be that for Halloween myself.

great job!

by: Meagan

Thank you so much!

by: Anonymous


by: areavis64

it looks cheesy but nice good job

by: meagan

wow can't believe you think it looks cheesy! I have had people come to me wanting me to make their costumes!

looks great
by: Anonymous

It doesn't look cheesy, it looks great

thank u

I love this idea.. my son's costume will be like this tomorrow... Hope we win the contest.... thanks again..

by: meagan

Thanks I hope your son wins! post pics !!!

How did you do it?

Hi! I was just wondering what you made the neck of? It is hard to tell in the picture :-) Perhaps you could elaborate on how you actually put it all together?


Sooooooo Cooooooooool!!!!
by: Lewis Beaton (Scotland, Glasgow) Age:8

Hey, Cheers for this brilliant costume, going to get mum and dad to make it this Halloween!!

Headless Boy Costume
by: Kelly

Wow, that looks amazing. Are u able to tell me more on how u made it. I have a 14 year old who I'm sure this would just be sooooooo right for him for Halloween at school.

Appreciate your help.

how I made it
by: Meagan

I got a sports jacket and dress pants from a second hand store about 6 sizes too big. then I took his back pack and stuffed it with pillows (didnt zip the backpack up ) and used duct tape to keep them secure made the pillows higher than his head when it was on.. For the cut off head I took a plastic bowl and took plumbers calk and used it over the bottom of the bowl after it was dry I used red spray paint for blood.. I really dont remember how I put the bowl on maybe hot glue gun .. any ways I just had him stick his head out of one of the coat and took saftey pins to hold it closed and stuffed the arms and added gloves for hand! have anymore question let me know hope this helped! :)

by: wayne

Nice. But kind of weird your son is a twin to my son they look identical .

Re twins
by: meagan

Oh thats too funny!

by: Anonymous

omg so cool

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