Headless Doctor Costume

We got our inspiration for our headless doctor costume from your amazing website.

Tired of being the same old vampire, skeleton etc. we started looking about online for something different and stumbled upon your “headless” section. We made good use of the tips other people had written and we too opted for the rolling backpack with the handle pulled all the way up.

At the top of this we attached an old coat hanger (we had a big one for fur coats that used to belong to my mother in law) and padded it out a bit with old newspapers and tape. We then made a papier-mâché neck on the top of the hanger and attached a floating swim tube (those foam colored tubes used for swimming) as arms – all with trusty tape!

We then tied two cushions under the coat hanger to pad it out a bit. All locked in place with, you guessed it – more tape! One helpful hint I would like to share. Don’t underestimate the amount of time needed for papier-mâché or paint to dry. We did and had to use a hairdryer to dry it quicker.

My partner is a doctor and had some old overalls that no longer fitted him, so plonked a shirt and the overalls on top of this contraption and painted the top of the neck with red paint (I’m still smarting at that. The only thing we bought for the costume, a small can of paint and it cost €4.50!)

Then we attached rubber gloves (the mono use ones) padded out with cotton wool to the swim tube “arms” and spilled some fake blood here and there.

To top it off, we got my partner’s medical card and a pen and put them in/on the front pocket (with a photo of my son slipped in over the top of his father’s photo). It was the original and we were told that if we lost it there would be big trouble!

The costume was fabulous, everybody loved it and by the end of the evening my son was something of a celebrity in our small town. A group of older kids passing on the other side of the road actually started chanting his name and cheering. He was thrilled to bits.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who writes in and shares their ideas and tips. You are truly incredible and inspirational and you gave us an amazing Halloween to remember!

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