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Creepy Headless Horseman Costume

Here’s my headless horseman costume. It was on a cold, wet and rainy night in October, specifically Halloween eve when I took a black Outback western duster, and a black cape and decided to make my very own Headless Horseman costume.

At first I was having trouble thinking of a way to create this costume, mainly the shoulder area. So for my shoulders, I came up with this idea, I used two three liter drink bottles and taped them at the end caps to place behind my head so that they would lay along my shoulders. So I  took a black pillow case and put on my head so that I would be able to see, but not be noticed by the people. I then placed the bottles in the jacket and then put it on. After I put the jacket on, I fastened the top collar snaps so that it would hold in place.  Then I put on my old black leather Army gloves.  I then went out and got on my horse and rode up and down the neighborhood .

The hardest part about he costume was the black pillow case. It was kind of hard to see through due to the mass amount of cloth and it created wrinkles that made blind spots in my field of vision. Other then that it was a pretty easy costume to make and fun to wear for hours. I am new to neighborhood, but all the neighbors enjoyed watching me and the horse walk up and down the road….. Ginger, my horse was not afraid of any of  the scary ghost & goblins that came to the door for trick or treat, some of them even ask to pet her.  Ginger just stood there eating her treat, a bale of hay. Have fun making this costume and have a Happy Halloween.

Creepy Headless Horseman Costume

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