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Cool Headless Bloody Bride Costume

I found my bride’s dress at a resale shop for $5.99. I took a piece of packing foam and put downing in it to make a sturdy frame. I placed that in a cloth backpack for the bodice of the dress. I turned a sour cream tub upside down and taped it to the top of the frame. Covered it with gray lawn fabric to make a neck.  Drizzled red food coloring down the front of the neck and chest area.

I used bendable foam tubes with the same gray fabric and sewed them in the sleeves of the dress. Sewed gloves to the end of sleeves. Put blood on gloves first. Cut a slit in the bodice of the dress for my head. Made sure the gloves were place under my chin.

I had such fun making and wearing this headless bride costume. I was asked to wear it at a haunted house on Halloween. People asked if I would take pictures with them. This year I was asked if I would rent it out.

My whole costume was under $10.00.

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