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Coolest Headless Costume 17

by Melanie
(Brantford, Ontario CA)

Headless Costume

Headless Costume

We got the idea for a headless costume from others on your site. I bought a $5 large man's jacket from a thrift store, plus $8 for 2 plastic hands you can get most anywhere around Halloween. I used a large backpack & stuffed a pillow in it so it stuck out above the backpack, I found 2 pieces of plastic pipe on either end to make the shoulders a little more rigid.

The arms of the coat were stuffed with newspaper. I stapled the plastic hands to the wrists of the coat. The neck was a sour cream container that I taped to the pillow & then covered with a cut sleeve from an old white shirt. I used red fabric paint to add blood to the neck & coat. My daughter simply slipped the backpack on and we did the coat up, leaving a button undone for her head to come through.

The best part of this costume was that this coat had side pockets, so I was able to cut the insides of the pockets out & with my daughter wearing black gloves, she could put her arms through the pockets to hold her treat bag & no one really noticed her arms since they were black like the coat. She was a huge hit & total strangers stopped her to ask if they could take her picture.

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by: Angela

LOVE THIS!! We will definitely be making this for our 10 year old this Halloween! She will be a big hit in Barrie!

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Coolest Headless Costume 14

by Tammy

Headless Baseball Player Costume

Headless Baseball Player Costume

My little guy wanted to be something scary for the first time this year, so he decided to go in a headless costume. I searched the internet for ideas and found this site. I got ideas from several submissions and incorporated it into this costume.

My husband coaches high school baseball, so I decided to make the costume using one of his uniforms. I found a rolling backpack with an extending handle at a yard sale for $5, and that's the only money spent to create the costume.

I lifted the handle, secured it in place. I took the hanging part of a coat hanger, bent it downward, and secured the hanger to the top of the handle and reinforced it so it wouldn't sag. The shirt was put on the coat hanger and stuffed with plastic grocery bags to keep weight at a minimum. I used one of my son's belts to secure the costume around his waist through the cloth hook of the backpack used to hang it and below my sons armpits and around his chest.

The neck was cut card board, put in a circle and taped with red tissue paper draped around it and taped to the card board. I cut slits on the sides of the bottom of the cardboard circle and slid it on the top of the coat hanger.


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Very Easy Costume
by: Anonymous

Used poster board, didn't have cardboard. Felt this was probably easier since it rolled very easily

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Coolest Headless Hockey Player Costume 2

by Kristie
(Marquette ,MI)

Tragic hockey incident

Tragic hockey incident

Got the idea from this site. My son used his hockey pants and socks and we bought a jersey from Goodwill ($3.99) I took his old back pack and stuffed it with old clothes then I duct taped (love duct tape) 2 lenghts of plumbing pipes to the side facing them forward slightly I connected them with yet another small piece of pipe at the top. I placed the Jersey over his head and marked his nose. I cut a hole just big enough to stretch around his head . With him wearing the back pack I put the jersey over the whole contraption and stuffed the shoulders and arms with batting, bending the arms and adding his "hands". Put a flesh covered cloth over the head and put some fake blood on that and his actual neck . The costume was a real hit and everyone loved it. It was easy and VERY CHEAP

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Coolest Headless Halloween Costume 20

by Rachel
(Baxter, Tennessee)

Headless Halloween Costume

Headless Halloween Costume

My 8 year old was tired of being cute for Halloween and came up with this headless Halloween costume.

We used and old rolling back pack, a piece of wood wrapped in foam for the shoulders, clothes hanger wrapped in foam for the arms and used an old night gown.

We sprayed her hair white. It was a success. Everyone loved it and the most expensive thing o was the blood. It was the cheapest outfit ever.

Cheshire Cat Costume

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wat did u do for candy???
by: Abby

I have a 12 year old daughter that liked this but she wanted to now were did you hold the candy and how did you get the candy from the person.

I held her bag
by: Anonymous

I carried her bag for her the costume was a lot to carry around but got a lot of reaction

cool costume
by: bob

cool costume. any other cool costumes

that is so good
by: lie

that is one good costume and cheap too but her friends must have been envious.

by: bear

O.M.G. that is the coolest costume !

by: goodie

how did u do that?!? SO COOL!

by: bear(again)

O.M.G. thanks so much for the idea and the advice my outfit is finally perfect.ohhh i just cant wait till halloween only 2 days away. Have fun trick or treating everyone..........chow 4 now oh and thanks again!

by: Anonymous

im having trouble understanding how you used the back pack. how is it used??

by: Zippy

how did she walk up and down stairs without hands?

by: someone

so how do you make this ... we have the materials but i don't understand how to make it? could you tell me please .

how to
by: Cate

please provide specifics on how to make the costume and difficulty of going door

by: impressed

i have the materials... how did you do it though...?

Great I love it
by: Anonymous

I would also like detailed instructions on how to do this. My party is Saturday. This would be perfect since I'm the one who never does anything cool.

by: Tania Dahh

Well THis is So Cool

was the costume hard to make?
by: melony

was the costume hard to make because i dont have a costume yet and holloween is tomorrow i really like her costume but was it haard?thank you

you should sell these.
by: Anonymous

you should perfect the inner components and sell them on ebay, id, buy one.



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