I came up with this dead Hannah Montana costume right after Miley’s display with Robin Thick on the AMA awards with the twerking and finger and all of her announcements that Hannah Montana was dead.

For the costume I spent a grand total of $0.99 for a Hannah Montana patch for the vest. I borrowed my daughters sparkly skirt and we had the vest in the costume box from a school project.  We also had the microphone and football finger in the toy chest.  Halloween socks were from a previous year.  What made the outfit was the Hannah Montanna wig one of my duaghters had gotten as a birthday gift that had been in the toy chest for years.  It looked like a dead animal.  A little zombie make up and you have a dead Hannah Montana.

For Billy Ray we picked up a mullet at the costume store and a flannel shirt from Wal Mart.  I cut off the sleeves and frayed them with my teeth.  He painted on a soul chip and used mascara to darken up his chest hair.   Our kids were mortified and will likely need therapy but everyone in the neighborhood including the Chief of Police thought it was hysterical.

Apparently it was too risque for our neighborhood newsletter as others from my party made the publication.  Anyone coming to our party this year knows they had better step up their game.