I decided I loved Elphaba’s dress in the Broadway production of “Wicked.”  I started collecting pictures and thought, “Meh – I can totally do that.”  We made a duct-tape dress form of myself, which was thoroughly entertaining, and went from there.  Each color of fabric had to be cut into strips, sewn together, rooled hem (serger) on one side, and serged on the other.  The top is actually three different tops in one, with a lace overlay on the majority of the top.  The green paint is the actual brand and color that the Broadway production uses.   My family and I (who were also characters from Wicked or the Wizard of Oz) attended the Halloween Symphony in our costumes.  We did not win, however before, after, and at intermission, we had people lined up to take pictures with us.  That made the whole thing worth it!