Whilst browsing the pre-made, packages of Halloween costumes this year with my boyfriend, Shaun, I noticed a lot of the womens’ options were very risque. This was our first costume party together and I enjoy dresssing up and turning heads, but I want them to notice my costume- not my lack of coverage. We gave up on buying our costumes and I retired to Google and Pintrest for suggestions.  I saw Mary Poppins and her chimney sweep, Johnny and June, but it just wasn’t the cute factor I wanted that would suit us as a pair. Shaun suggested we dress up as Spongebob and Patrick, from Nickelodeon, but I wasn’t keen on that idea either.

I stumbled upon a pair dressed as Blue and Steve, from the children’s show, Blues Clues. We were both small children when it aired in the ninteys and loved it. His half of the costume was simple; a green striped sweater, and khakis. I had a little more work to do. My outfit was a plain blue dress, for which I sewed on darker blue spots, a headband with foam cutouts shaped by tightly sewn fabric with matching spots, and a touch of blue eyeliner on my nose and cheeks.

We got all dolled up Saturday night for a costume party at my best friend’s house, but wondered if everyone there would guess who we were right away. Shaun quickly moved to YouTube to start listening to Steve’s best catchprashes, and I had long perfected my “bah-buh-BOW!’

The two of us were a hit, people who got it right away loved it, and remembered watching the show as kids too. It was even more fun when they didn’t get it, and Shaun would do the Blues Clues hand signal or I would make Blue’s “bark” they’d think and then it would hit them- of course! Blue’s Clues! We even took a picture in my big red recliner, because it resembled the show’s “Thinking Chair”. There wasn’t a contest at the party, but we sure were the talk of the night, and we won a lot of laughs.  Shaun even enjoyed it, which made it all the more special for me.