Awesome Blue’s Clues Couple Costume

We just figured out Blue’s Clues! This was my favorite TV show growing up and had my mind set on this costume all year. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I thrifted everything and our total cost was $30!  For Blue’s outfit I layered a light and dark blue tunic tank top. For the spots I cut out dark blue fabric and hot glued them to the dress. The ears were tricky because I couldn’t figure out how to make them stick out on their own.

I had an empty cardboard box lying around and decided to cut out two ears. I covered them in fabric and hot glued them to a blue headband I bought at the Dollar Store. They stayed up all night! No floppy ears! I really wanted shoes that matched but I didn’t want to buy a new pair. I had a pair of pink heels I didn’t wear anymore. I covered them in glue and sprinkled blue glitter on them until they were fully covered. They turned out great and matched perfectly!

Steve’s outfit pretty much consists of a striped green sweater and khaki pants. I couldn’t find a green striped shirt like Steve’s so I went thrifting and bought a white polo, dark green sweater, and a light green blanket. I layered the polo under the sweater and cut out stripes from the blanket and hot glued them to the sweater. Steve’s handy dandy notebook was made with construction paper and a red pipe cleaner.

We went out on Halloween and it was a hit with everyone! All night everyone was telling us how cute we looked and how much they loved watching Blue’s Clues growing up. The best part was that no one else dressed up like Blue and Steve and it was nice not seeing a bunch of people with the same costume as us. What a great success! Now the hard part will be trying to top this costume next year.