Cutest Blue’s Clues Costume for a Couple

My boyfriend and I wanted to dress up as something original that everyone would recognize. After he turned down what seemed like hundreds of my ideas, we finally agreed upon one of the cartoons we both watched as a child; Blues Clues! And of course we picked the two main and most recognized characters, Steve and Blue.

At first we assumed that this would be an easy costume to make, and it was, once we finally found what we needed. We started with my costume, planning on finding a plain, baby blue dress and adding darker blue spots cut from fabric. The plain dress was MUCH harder to find than planned, and we had to go with a darker blue than I wanted (not a big deal, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and wanted the right color). I found the dress at Charlotte Russe.

We then bought darker blue fabric, cut out different sized spots, and glued them onto my dress with fabric glue. For the ears, I cut out the shape from a card board box, and then glued fabric to them. I attached them to a plain headband with a hot glue gun. For my boyfriend’s Steve outfit, we had hoped we’d luck out and find a shirt with the right color stripes. But of course, it’s not that easy. We looked forever and finally found a plain green sweater from Old Navy. We bought lighter green fabric and cut out stripes.

We had my grandmother sew on the stripes, but in hindsight, we should have just glued them on. He then wore a white –collared dress shirt underneath and completed his outfit with khakis and dress shoes. Everyone from our generation recognized us immediately and LOVED our costume, though our parents and grandparents needed to be reminded of the cartoon.

This is our best costume yet, and we will definitely have to put a lot of thought into next year’s costume to top this!