My boyfriend and I were trying to find something original for a party we were going to for weeks in advance. Finally it was the day before the party and we were all out of ideas: that is until I saw a guy at school walking through my campus parking lot in a striped green shirt. I thought to myself, “HA he looks like he should be on blues clues!” That’s when my idea finally hit me.

Steve costume:
Luckily one of our friends had a striped green shirt that we teased him about during the summer (who knew it would actually come in handy???) He paired the shirt with plain khaki pants, and I made the notebook from construction paper, pipe cleaners, and crayons.

Blue costume:
I bought 2 t shirts the same color 1 small 1 large (the lighter blue). I used the larger t shirt and traced the shape of the ears and cut out two of the same sized shape. I hot glued those 2 pieces together leaving a small opening. I fed through a thick pipe cleaner and made sure the ears held their shape. Then I hot glued the ears onto a headband. For the polka dots I used a darker blue t shirt and cut out small circles and hot glued them all over my t shirt and the ears. With my costume I wore a blue skirt.

I printed out tons of blue paw prints and scattered them around the party where my boyfriend could find them and have to draw them in his “handy dandy notebook”

We won best costume that night!