Last Minute Blues Clues Adult Couple Costume

I had a Halloween party to attend Friday night, and it was Monday. I still had absolutely no idea what to be. My boyfriend made a suggestion that we go as something together and that’s when all the ideas came flowing. I thought up a few different ideas and ran them by him and two of my friends. Everybody awed at the idea that we go as blue and Steve (especially given our personalities and sometimes childish behavior). Note: we only told a few people what we were being, nobody had any idea (other than the few people we told) that we were even going as something together, so that was fun. Once we figured it out, we took a first trip to our local craft store.

Picked up some different colored blue felt. Some dye (I had a pair of shorts at home that were perfect and I didn’t mind ruining, but they were neon orange from a previous Halloween costume) so I picked up some right color remover, blue dye, and blue felt. What could I do for the ears? Blue fuzzy socks with dots! There were a bunch of white ones right next to the dye. He didn’t find anything he thought he could use for his costume, so we went home and procrastinated. I cut the circles out of the felt the next morning and went to work. We didn’t do anything more until Wednesday or Thursday, which was cutting it close. Wednesday after work, I spent a few hours searching for a green rugby shirt for him to wear, or anything resembling one. Nothing! When I got home from the three different stores I went to, I happened to notice an old green and white sweater sitting amongst a pile of old stuff on the stairs. It could work.

Thursday after work, we got together to get it done. We went back to the craft store to pick up some green dye and different colored paper so he could finally start working on his costume. I also came across a discounted three pack including ears a bow tie and a tail. I figured I could use the ears but put the blue felt and socks over it and just use it as a base. As soon as we got back, he began dying his shirt in the sink as I started hand stitching all the spots onto my shirt. I got the shirt done and the color removed from my shorts, but it took forever. His shirt didn’t take the dye because the water was not hot enough, but he got his notebook finished and it came out amazing. So the next morning, I picked up some more green dye. After work, I dyed his sweater in a pot on the stove and it came out perfect!

Next, I dyed my clothes which also came out perfect. When he finally got to my house, his face was completely shaved and I swear he lost about seven years by just doing that. It was unbelievable! His costume was all set and I was working on getting the spots stitched onto the ears. Finished up, showered and all around nine. We were a little late to the party, but the first people we saw were my neighbors who knew what we were being. They loved our costumes! Began snapping pics almost immediately. At that point, it had seemed we pulled it off. Once we got to the party, majority of the comments were “you guys are adorable”; it was a great night and although it was a much longer and difficult process that we thought it would be at first, it was definitely worth it.