Coolest Homemade Blue and Steve from Blues Clues Costumes

I went on a search for a quick and cheap costume to make and I got the idea for a Blue and Steve from Blues Clues Costume when I saw the blue sweatsuit. It was a big hit and everyone loved it!!

Blue’s Supplies:
light blue sweatsuit ($12)
royal blue t-shirt ($4)
1 inch thick headband ($1)
blue foam board ($0.50)
blue glitter ($1)

First I traced and cut 5 inch circles out of the blue t-shirt. Then I used iron on adhesive to attach the blue circles to the sweatpants. **make sure not to go overboard.. blue doesn’t have to many dots**. For the ears I traced and cut them from the foam board, I did my best to match the shape. I used a glue stick to get the glitter to stick to the foam. Finally I hot glued the ears to the headband.

Steve Supplies:
dark green long sleeve t-shirt ($6)
light green t-shirt ($4)

If you are unable to find the perfect shirt for Steve like I was, you will have to resort to making it. I cut 4 inch strips out of the light green shirt and used iron on adhesive to attach them to the green shirt. I had my boyfriend wear a white polo under the shirt so the collar would come out the top. Finish it off with some khaki pants and a brown belt.

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  1. Where did you buy the dark green shirt for Steve? Where’d you get the long sleeved dark green shirt!? It’s the perfect color!

    And the light green, as well, where did you buy it?

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