It’s the whole gang- Dot was even on gold roller skates all night!  Such  fun Spaceballs Cast Group Halloween costumes, but “younger” crowd did not know who were were!

Lord Helmet was made from a baseball helmet with mask and a big ice bucket.  We mounted it upside down after we cut the large shape out, to a wooden dowel to the helmet.  Then made the mask out of the craft foam pieces and hot glued them to the mask pieces so that it would go up and down in order for him to be able to eat/drink.

Then just a cape and black outfit plus the “balls” tie out of more craft foam.  Dot was another craft project pieced together with craft foam, hot glue, and gold fabric.   Also, we had her on gold roller skates with everyone loved!  Wasn’t too hard to roll around all night either!  Barf was easy- just a mullet wig with ears glued to it and carhardt overalls with a tail and a homemade name tag.  Topped off with cheap winter gloves with fur glued on knuckles.  The prince and princess were easy!