This was honestly a last minute idea and how I pulled it all together… It was a rainy nasty Saturday, two days before Halloween this year. I had planned to do work outside around my house, but since it was raining, I went online and started thinking of a Halloween costume I could create myself.

I was led to Edward Scissorhands and decided to give it a shot. So I went to the mall. I must have gone in and out of about a dozen stores looking for pieces. One store had Halloween items and I grabbed the wig there and in another Halloween store, bought the black studded gloves I used. I went into a Sears department store and bought about 6 identical ‘punk’ belts in the ladies department and also a very cheap black pleather-type jacket.

On the way home I got some Halloween makeup from a store and then finished up my shopping at Staples. There I bought a large piece of heavy cardboard and some velcro strips. When I got home, the main job was creating the hands and I am thrilled how well they came out.

The process started out by tracing a pair of scissors on the cardboard, but making it larger. I traced one side of the scissors 4 times and the other side twice. I then made 4 plain knife-like blades to complete the 10 pieces I needed. I cut them all out and then decided to wrap each one in heavy duty aluminum foil. It worked great and allowed me to fit and mold around the blades and handle sections extremely well.

Then I stapled the foil all along one side to keep it on good. Next I put the gloves on and cut off the finger tips. I got the Velcro strips out and applied one along the side of my thumb and little pinky and then index fingers. For the two middle fingers, I wrapped Velcro around the last knuckle area closest to my hand.

Now I took the opposite side of the velcro and applied it to each blade according to how I wanted them affixed to each finger. I stuck the pair that went together from the scissors on my thumb and index and another long piece to my pinky. Once they came together; I pushed them tightly together, and then peeled off the blade so that I could staple the velcro piece to the blade.

To the two middle fingers, I affixed two plain blades. When I was done, I was totally shocked how good they worked! I used plain black gloves to slide into these Scissorhand gloves I created so that my whole hand was black. The blades looked great, were sturdy, shiny and looked real – but most of all, functioned really well.

Now all I had to do was put everything on. I had black army pants and then put on a black turtleneck. I put the cheap black pleather jacket on and started to lay all the belts over my upper body by criss-crossing them and buckling them. I added my white makeup to my face and neck and then darkened my eye sockets. I created a few scars, especially the main one running over my lip just like Edward. Put on the wig and lastly the gloves and that was it! It all came together incredibly good and in a short period of time.

I won my companies Halloween costume contest and also won 1st place at a local pub and finished in 4th place a huge popular bar where nearly 100 people entered. I had a lot of fun and all the girls I met absolutely loved the Edward Scissorhands Costume. I was taking pictures with people all night at every party. Some acted as if I was actually Johnny Depp! Would love to win here too because this was one totally home-made costume and one that many enjoyed. Thanks!