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Coolest C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume 16

by Frank D.
(Burbank, CA, USA)

Homemade C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume

Homemade C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume

Homemade C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume
Homemade C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume
Homemade C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume
Homemade C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume

I always wanted to be C3PO or R2-D2 as a kid for Halloween. Now with the help of my wife, I am able to live my childhood dream through my two boys.

The project took about a month (a few hours in between days off) to complete this Homemade C3PO and R2D2 Couple Costume. Using a domed lid trash can my wife found at the discount store and a vinyl C3PO mask, I was inspired to make my 9 and 5 year old their Star Wars infamous droid duo costumes for Halloween 2011.

I paid close attention to detail for the R2D2 dome and body. First, I secured the swivel lid on the dome and attached a skateboarding helmet to the inside of the dome with plastic cable ties (aka zip-ties). I cut the bottom of the can and spray painted the body with Rust-Oleum White Plastic Primer. For the graphics I used vinyl dye cut decals I replicated to scale from his toy R2D2 action figure.

For the projectors and lenses I used plastic water bottle caps and various misc lids, spray painted them silver and attached with hot glue gun. I used a DIY LED light kit purchased from Radio Shack and flashing bike lights to give the droid costume some life. For the legs I used coroplast (corrugated plastic sheets) and sandwiched a piece of Insulfoam (Styrofoam insulation board) and attached it to each side of the body also using plastic cable ties as well.

From the inside of the body I attached tool belt suspenders and adjusted them according to my son’s height so he can walk with ease during trick-or-treating. He wore a white turtle neck, white sweat pants and some foam knee pads for his transformation when posing for pictures. Lastly I used an ipod with some mini speakers for some actual R2D2 sound effects I composed and downloaded from an R2D2 translator website.

C3PO body parts I created from scratch. For the chest piece I used expanded metal lath used for exterior stucco (diamond pattern aka diamond lath) purchased from Home Depot. I cut the metal lath with sheet metal shears and molded it to my son’s upper body after wrapping it with duct tape to cover the sharp edges. Next I wrapped the outer shell (front chest and back plate) using .30 mil styrene sheet and attached it with 1” brass fasteners purchased from Staples.

The rest of the body pieces I cut from the same styrene sheet and used industrial strength Velcro to fasten them on. For the knee pivots I used hot beverage cup lids from 7-Eleven and attached them with Velcro too. I painted all the body parts using Rust-Oleum Metallic Brass spray paint. I used a pair of knock off Vans shoes from K-mart to paint also.

I highlighted all the body part edges with a brown Marks-A-Lot marker to give it that detail outline effect. I also soldered some LED’s around the inside of the mask powered by a 9V battery for C3PO’s eyes to light up at the push of a button. We purchased a black compression fit long sleeve shirt and pants, black socks and black knit gloves.

My wife painted the wire effects throughout the open body part areas (on the black shirt socks and gloves) focusing on the abdomen with fabric paint. I hot glued the back of the hand and fingers on the gloves for the hands. Lastly, the fit test with both our sons posing and moving in character was priceless.

Both costumes were the biggest hit everywhere we went including Star Tours at Disneyland. The force was with us. Special thanks to my wife and kids as well as for the motivation and inspiration to make our own costumes. Thanks for taking the time to read my write up. Hope we inspire others to make unique costumes like these. May the force be with you also.

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by: Esther

Love the home made costumes. So proud of you, Sindee and the boys. Good Job !!!!

by: Marty

I can't even believe these are handmade you guys have talent!! I am truly amazed JOB WELL DONE!!!
thumbs up for BEST COSTUMES!!

Coolest C3PO AND R2D2 Couple Costume 16
by: Cindy

OMG Paco...Those costumes are so cool. I want one. :)

by: Anonymous

.......ABSOLUTELY INGENIUS...........

by: KingKac

Great costume from the DeJesus Family! One of my favorite movies and you all paid a great homage to it all!

Great Costumes
by: Sonia

Costumes are amazing, I wish I had that talent to create a costume for myself or my kids when they were younger, because I love me some Star Wars, thats for sure LOL

Far out tha planet
by: Karina

These costums are far beyond the universe, no words can describe the. The best ever!!!

Best everything
by: Jorge Luis Orellana

these are all the best customs ever not because they are perfect but because they were made from scratch from creative minds and best of was all made in family love. congratulations guys

Amazing costumes
by: RalphBosco

The costumes were great and looked very authentic. It's amazing what he did for his kids. They really got into the character. Thumbs up all the way around.

C3PO and R2D2 youtube video

Go to youtube and search for "best c3po and r2d2 homemade costumes" to view or click on this link;


by: Carlos

Any kid would dream to have a costume like that. I know it took you time and they look Great!
Make one for me. Lol.

by: Anonymous

Would love to make these costumes for my boys. Where did you get the decals made?
I'm in Australia


by: Frank

Hi Kat, I made the decals myself with our vinyl cutting system. Please send me a message through ebay if you are interested. My user name is em-eye-see-kay-ee-why


by: Skelley

I can't find you on ebay, but I would love to get those decals, too. My children are obsessed with Star Wars and I want to make these costumes for Halloween!! Thanks so much!

Would love any other advice on these costumes, too. Thanks

Coolest c3po and r2d2 costume
by: Lindsey

Was your son uncomfortable sitting in the c3po costume? Or did he only stand while wearing the costume? Amazing job btw.

R2-D2 decals
by: Frank D

em-eye-see-kay-ee-why is my ebay ID all lower case include hyphen. Please message me if you would like to purchase the R2 decals.

Wow amazing? Would you sell these?
by: Anonymous

Just curious if you would ever consider selling these? I have 2 boys the same age that would like to be these exact characters but I am not as talented or creative as you guys! So blown away by these costumes!!! Would seriously buy these in a heartbeat but I'm sure you are wanting to keep them?

Melody (:

Mask info please?
by: Anonymous

where did you get the c3po mask? link please :)

also, i sent you an ebay message about the decals.


by: Holly

Frank do you still have decals available?

by: Jessica

Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Do you still have the decal available?

Re: R2 Decals
by: Frank

Yes Holly and Jessica. Decals are still available. You may contact me via eBay. My user name is "em-eye-see-kay-ee-why"

Coolest Costumes Ever
by: London Mum

Your costumes are jaw-droppingly good and a fitting tribute to one of my all time favourite films.

Thank you for sharing the details of how you made these incredible costumes.

Thank you
by: Frank

Thank you for the kind words London Mum. :)

by: Gina

HI, there....
do you still have the r2d2 decals for sale??? I'd be really interested in buying a sheet of them as my son (5yo) is asking to be r2d2 for Halloween :)

Hi Gina
by: Em

Decals are still available. You may contact me via eBay. My user name is "em-eye-see-kay-ee-why"

Arm and Leg Covers
by: Hadassah

Hey! Did you cover the lath with duct tape and then spray paint the duct tape? I feel like the chest and back pieces look thicker than the leg pieces. I am about to start making this for my son and I want to have a good idea. I have seen some people will "wet" cardboard to "mold" it into shape but I'm leaning towards the lath option. Please let me know! =)

by: Jenn


Wondering if I could still purchase the decals?

Looks like you're not on eBay anymore.


R2D2 Decals
by: Maddy

Hi! I was wondering if you still sell the decals for the R2D2 costume?

R2D2 Stickers
by: Cristina

Can you email me please about the stickers? Thanks.

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