We love to craft our Halloween costumes and did these girls R2D2 and C3PO homemade Halloween costumes a couple years ago but didn’t get many great photos. We decided to revamp our costumes and do it again. We walked along the streets and made friends with many Star Wars fans. It was pretty funny walking into a bar and a man stood up with C3PO and R2D2 on his shirt and we said, “this is where we belong!”

To make R2D2 you need a garbage can, salad bowl, paint and colored tape and silver leggings. The big glasses would help too. R2D2 made her costume with these materials and then copied the patterns on the robot using paint pens, paper and tape. She wore silver leggings and was able to fit her body into the garbage can. For the head she wore a bike helmet secured the bowl on top of the helmet.

For C3PO, I got golden leggings from a costume store and made the circles on the knees with black gaffing tape. I spray pained a pair of flats gold to go with the costume  and got a gold jacket from American Apparel to complete the look, as well as a gold mask from a costume store. Then I drew on the mask with fabric markers or paint pens that were metallic bronze and gold to get the shadows of C3PO’s face. Spray painted some paper gold and cut slits in it to put underneath the masks’ eyes. I took the black gaffing tape and made the lines on the jacket and leggings to look like the spots where C3PO’s joints are. Using a cardboard mailing envelope I spray painted it gold and then drew the chest piece on with black art marker. I cut holes in the sides so I could slide a belt through it and keep it belted on me. Then another piece of cardboard was taped with black gaffing tape. I used puffy paint to draw the wires that are on C3PO and taped it around me.

This costume was so much fun and really awesome when you are girls dressed as robots. Got lots of props and made many smiles. Anyone can do it, you just need a dream and some spray paint, and maybe a couple of things you buy at art and costume stores! We are the droids you’re looking for!