Well due to the Freaky fusion movie for Monster High being recently released there are no actual Dracubecca costumes so I made one myself took me about two months with several prototypes due to the costume being a vampire robot. I also wanted to keep my cost low so that it didn’t cost more than a regular costume I would buy.

I made a tutu with bath sponge material my daughter tends to get irritated with the tulle so it was a better option. I used a head wrap to create the skirt foam orange hearts for accents as well as jeweled hearts. All my supplies were either no cost as in I had it at home or low cost dollar tree has TONS of craft stuff always compare prices but generally dollar tree filled my needs. I also used Micheals crafts for fine details of color as it is hard to find specifics in the dollar tree.

The top is duct tape with lace accents from Micheals that I sewed onto the duct tape. The wings and copper skirt accents were created from a foam decoration of a spider and web that I bought at dollar tree. They were originally black I painted them brown cut one in half and the other in fourths. I hot glued them together to the skirt and added glitter heart details. I fabricated the wings from the same kind of decoration as the skirt except I added elastic and made them wings. I used old sunglasses covered with duct tape and formed in the shape of a heart through egg carton pieces.

Her hair piece was several pieces of single hair extensions glued together from the dollar tree. I had two prototypes as I got closer to Halloween I had to modify the costume for comfort as metal wings and accents made the costume too heavy for a five year old as well as the umbrella. I have gotten so many compliments on her costume she did enter a costume contest but did not win.