I have always enjoyed hand-making themed costumes for my kiddos, so when they all came up with the idea of Minions I couldn’t say no to the challenge… not only did my kids want minions, but all of my nieces did as well. So the challenge was ON!

I am huge on reusable materials rather than buying new stuff, so I stocked up on tons of used materials from my local eco-art center re|create and also local thrift stores.

These costumes are made out of 98% recycled & reusable materials (the other 2% being hot glue & paint)

I used everything from carpet foam to old vinyl & plastic signage for their bodies. I used beach balls and giant exercise balls for the shaping of their heads. The eyes are hand painted bowls and all the clothing is scrap material or dresses found at goodwill!

It took around a month to make all of them from start to finish!

As fun as these were to create, the best part was seeing them all walking around as a huge minion group! It was the funniest thing EVER! As we were trunk- or- treating the kids kept getting KNOCKED on just so people could get their own pictures!