We chose to be the Minions from the children’s movies Despicable Me because our little cousins are obsessed with the movie and we wanted to give them real life characters from the movie. We are very creative and love starting new projects so we thought we would give it a try and make our on DIY Minions Despicable Me couple Halloween costume. It took us 3 months and a lot of hard work but we are so so proud of what we created and everyone loved our minions. We were the hit of our party and we made our little cousins so happy it just made us melt.

We started with an old cardboard box and cut out holes for the face and arms. We then made the head of the Minion by cutting a roll of foam in triangles and then sewing and taping them together to create the round top of the head. Another piece of foam was attached from the head as a cylinder shaped body. Once the holes were cut out for the arms, eyes and mouth we covered the skeleton in yellow material for the body and jean material for the overalls. The logo was then drawn and colored onto the pocket of the overalls and buttons were attached to the front and back of the overall straps.

To create the 3D effect for the mouth we cut out 2 pieces (one for the teeth and one for the tongue and back of the mouth). We then painted these pieces and overlapped one over the other before gluing it over the hole created for the mouth. The eyes were then created using nylon so that we could see through but no one could see us. The eyeball and pupil were colored on with marker and a clear acetate paper covered the eye to give the goggle effect. Cutting a small round piece of foam and covering it with duck tape then made the goggles. Finally the hair was done with pipe cleaners and a sharp needle to poke through the holes where we inserted the hair.

Although the process was long it was definitely worthwhile and we loved every minute of make our Minions Despicable Me costume. Our favorite part was adding the little details that really made the entire costume come together. From the 3D mouth, to the acetate paper to make the goggles shine, to the hair and finally the logo on the pocket. We couldn’t imagine the costumes would turn out so great but I’m so proud of our hard work!!