If you love Minions, this is the costume to choose! It will fit majority of people, if you can fit in a kitchen bin, you can be this Minion! It was a long bit extremely fun process, all up about one week in time and $90 maximum per Minion. But totally worth it! There were many entertaining clips I wish I had caught on camera but unfortunately I didn’t capture these, hopefully you can so it can bring memories back for me.

Materials used per Minion:

* meaning can be used for more than 1 minion

  • 1x kitchen bin (bunnings)
  • 1x overalls (online shopping)
  • 1x yellow long sleeve (best and less)
  • 1x pair of black gloves (at home or cheap $2 shop)
  • 1x pair of whatever shoes
  • 2x cardboard circles (eyes, we used a poster cylinder holder) *
  • 1x Tarzan glue *
  • 1x PVA glue *
  • 1x undercoat fabric*
  • 1x yellow fabric*
  • 1x elastic *
  • 1x see through material (we used fly screen material) *
  • 1x scissors, pencil and other cutting sources *
  • 1x duct tape*
  • 1x black paint *
  • 1x bag of black pipe cleaners *

I don’t think I missed any materials. The Minions were a hit for my muck up day. Myself and my two best friends went as Minions and people loved it! They thought we hired or bought them but 100% handmade. I believe people took more photos of us then we asked for. Walking to the meeting point, we got tooted heaps. Walking to school, the students asked for hugs and photos.

Making them… well that was entertaining! Watching my friend try to get into her costume for the first time was so funny, I had to run to the toilet. OMG, embarrassing for her but so entertaining when she is laughing but at the same time getting angry because we weren’t helping her, hahaha.

They look good, pretty simple to make and cheaper than hiring a costume considering you get to keep it in the end!!