Cool Group Minion Costumes

The following instructions only show how to make the costume for the purple (evil) minions, but by adjusting them only slightly you can create the yellow minions as well!


  • Black overalls or overall dress
  • Purple long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt
  • Purple tights or leggings
  • Purple beanie
  • Purple pipe cleaners
  • Small Mason Jar screw-on lids
  • Bolts and/or washers
  • Black elastic
  • Black boots
  • Black Gloves
  • White paint (preferably fabric or acrylic paint)
  • Duct tape, hot glue, and a pencil/pen
  • OPTIONAL mascara and dark eye shadow
  • OPTIONAL (see tips below) black spray paint, 2 pairs old jeans (instead of overalls), white leggings, beanie, and sweatshirt (instead or purple), purple dye

Tips and Hints

  • If you cannot find purple clothing, buy a white beanie, sweatshirt, and leggings instead and dye them purple following instructions on purple dye package (We used Rit Dye)
  • If you cannot find overalls or an overall dress, use two pairs of old jeans to make your own following online instructions or using ours as an example, because we had to sew our own too!
  • The minions have black overalls, so if you can’t find black overalls, or if you’re using blue jeans to make your own, spray paint them black instead (This is also the method we used).

Some of the Supplies You\'ll Need
Some of the Supplies You\’ll Need

Overalls & Purple Clothes


If you’re making your own overalls, construct them first, making sure they fit you comfortably. Next, unless the jeans were already black, spray paint them until you get a solid, even color.

Purple Clothes:


If needed, dye your white beanie, sweatshirt, and leggins purple following instructions on dye container.


Constructing your Own Overall Dress
Constructing your Own Overall Dress

A Finished Overall Dress
A Finished Overall Dress

Purple Clothes
Purple Clothes

Hat & Hair

Hat & Hair:

Take your purple beanie and pipe cleaners. Pull about half of one pipe cleaner through the beanie (cut a slit to pull it through if needed). Pull the other half (on the inside of the hat) up through the top of a hat about an inch away from the one you just pulled through. Pull snugly and even out pipe cleaner halves on top. Continue doing the same thing with more pipe cleaners, arranging them as you like (the purple minions have crazy purple hair). Take each pipe cleaner and wrap around a pencil or pen to create loose curls. Move around and fidget with the pipe cleaners as much as you’d like to get them looking perfect!

Minion Hat wIth Pipe CleanerHair
Minion Hat wIth Pipe CleanerHair

Goggles & Logo


Take your mason jar tops and hot glue them together at the center, tilting them inwards so they’ll fit comfortably on your head. Secure tops together with duct tape if needed.  Hot glue bolts and washers around outside edges however you like. Glue elastic to the inside of the outside edge of one of the mason jar tops. Cut the elastic big enough to fit around your head, then glue the other end of elastic to the other side. Make sure they fit nicely on and around your head!

Evil Minion Logo:

Looking at the picture as an example, trace and paint the minion logo on the front pocket of the overalls with white paint.


Finished Minion Goggles
Finished Minion Goggles

Evil Minion Logo
Evil Minion Logo

Putting it All Together

Putting it all together:

To dress up, first put on purple shirt and leggings. Then put the overalls on overtop that. Then of course add your hat, goggles, gloves, and boots. Add mascara and eye shadow as needed. If your goggles start hurting your head, push them up over your beanie on your forehead, it makes it much more comfortable! Have fun and eat lots of candy!

All Dressed Up!
All Dressed Up!

Me and my Minion Buddy!
Me and my Minion Buddy!



Everyone at school loved our creative, homemade, and accurate costumes! We received multiple compliments all day!We also got a lot of compliments trick-or-treating. People were shocked to hear the overalls were homemade, and others especially liked the crazy hair.

We had a Middle School Costume Contest and our “minion” group was selected as contestants for the group contest! We had everyone rooting for us!

The costume also happened to be comfortable and easy to move around in, definately something I’d encourage others to try, especially if you have a group of friends to dress up with, although it’d work solo too!

Overall, this was my favorite costume EVER! I strongly recommend trying it out next Halloween!

The Whole Minion Crew!
The Whole Minion Crew!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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