My 9 year old son decided he wanted to be a minion for halloween this year.  I  saw the paper mache minion costumes and thought they looked nice but I have no paper mache skills.  A man posted a great trash can minion costume and I decided to give it a try.  I found the trash can at Home Depot, it was about $12.  My husband cut off the bottom and used small zip ties to even out the swinging lid and hold it in place.  I then put the trash can on my son to see where to make eye and arm holes.  My hubby cut them out with an exacto knife.  I also had him cut out a mouth.  The mouth is kot where my sons mouth it but I thought it would be good for air flow.  I then used 2 blue foam camping mats from Wal Mart ($7 each) to make the trash can even.  I cut a small strip and used a glue gun to make the body even (as opposed to tapered).  I cut the blue foam into triangles to even out the domed head.  There are gaps when you even out the head.  This does not matter as the stretchy flannel goes right over them.  I bought 2 yards of yellow flannel at Hobby Lobby.  The body was easy to wrap.  I went right over the mouth.  Later on I cut slits in the mouth and glue gunned them to the inside.  The head wrapping was a different story.  I’m a nurse…not a crafter so it was very difficult for me.  I had a friend help me pull it tight as I used spray adhesive to hold it down.  I used my glue gun to glue it to the underside of the head.  We did have to cut 2 seams neae the back but it did not pook to bad.  I made sure I put some of the “hair” in the seam.  I cut slitsin the eye holes and glue gunned them to the inside.  I made the goggles out of 4″ PVC pipe with actual hard candy “dots” superglued around them.  I then spray painted them silver.  I used an old strap from my car DVD player for the goggle strap.  I glue gunned the goggles on.  Looking back I should have had a minion pic right next to me because the goggles should have been almost touching.  My son did not notice!  I made lenses for the goggles out of a clear plastic sterlite container from Wal Mart.  I have quite the blister from cutting those.  You can glue the lenses in but mine were a tad big so they stayed in on their own.  I used a small piece of white fabric cut into almond shapes to make the “eye”.  I used black pipe cleaners cut in half for hair.  They stuck right into the foam so I did kot have to glue them.  For the teeth I cut a rectangle shape out of blue foam, traced the mouth onto it and then cut teeth I to it.  Then I glue gunned the rectangle onto the inside of the costume.  So…they were kind of lime dentures.  White out worked well to make the foam white.  I then glued black tulle onto the inside of the mouth so you did not see my sons body.  I bought adult overalls so they would fit over the body.  I stitch witched them to hem them.  My husband used small black zip ties to hold the strap of the overalls above ohis arms.  I bought a “Gru” patch from ebay and glue gunned that on too.  We bought dollar store black gloves and he already had black rain boots.

The kids loved it!  Especially the little ones.  They kept saying “Minion…Minion” and gave him high fives.  Even though it is usually quite cold here it was fairly warm.  My son was super hot and the goggles fogged up.  I am sure there is a fix for this if you are going to make one.  All in all he was the best Minion I saw!