I made it by buying a twin sized flat sheet and cut the top of the sheet off and used those for straps for the dress and cut 2ft across and made the top of the dress and used the rest for the bottom of the dress. I sewd the whole thing together to create the dress. Then I sewd elastic in the waist for the gathering and sewd elastic across the top of the chest so it would stay on and fitted. Then I sewd in a hula hoop in the bottom so it would keep open in a circle so the gathers would fall and keep it statue looking. I made the wings from foam core board and used leggings to make arms and neck so no skin was showing at all and even made little fingers out of the leggings so it was all covered so it would look like hands so I wouldn’t have to paint my skin. I cut the crotch of tights to make the neck hole and glued fake finger nails on the fingers to make it seem like real hands on a statue. the hardest part was the wings because I had to cut each single feather out after I cut each wing out and to attach the wings I used a hanger to make it sturdy and attached velcrow straps to put it around my arms and covered that with a pillow case. The wings I attached with ducktape to the hanger. I bought 3 different types of spray paint to cover it and then bought black to make it textured like a statue and one of the spray paints was called stone so it made it look realistic. the mask was a plain black plastic mask and took a rubber skeleton mask and cut the bottom part of the mouth off and and the teeth and then cut the eyeballs out so I had puffy eyes and eyebrows on the mask and glued those onto the plain black plastic mask. also I used pantyhose for the eyespckets so I could still see a little but you couldn’t see my eyes. once everything was done I took it outside and sprayed it with the paints 4 different colors in gray and 1 can of speckled stone and one can of speckled black to make it textured took 6 cans of spray paint. I continued to spray until it looked like it had shadows in the creases it came out amazing. I won a contest at work for it that my work has every year but I wanted to push myself harder and join this contest to see if I had a shot. My work loved it and many people thought I was a real statue. It took 4 days for everything to dry so if yu do try this at home it is not a last minute costume!!