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Union Civil War Soldier Costume

Fighting for my right to have candy!

Ty has loved all things civil war since we took him to Gettysburg at age 4. Not many kids choose a battlefield over Disney World. His costume took flight on a trip to a Gettysburg thrift shop. I found a ladies wool jacket and knew the Union were going to win this year. I took the buttons off and ordered authentic re-enactor buttons (my son actually knew the difference, not mom) to sew down the front. I then sewed the chevrons on the sides.

The pants are actually made from a pyjama pattern out of fleece with a ribbon tuxedo stripe adhered to the side. The canteen and powder bags were purchased last summer on a trip to Gettysburg. Now he tells us he needs a cannon!?! The cannon is constructed out of scrap wood and foam with a PVC pipe barrel. Ty got to help cut the wood, and sand it. He wanted to be in on the whole process. It was painted with leftover green and black paint from our bathroom. He lost the battle with us to have a “working” cannon. Kid had to try didn’t he?

The look of pride on Ty’s face rolling his cannon along was priceless. Many kids came over to see his cannon at the local Halloween parade and got many nods of approval from the grown-ups too. He has won Judges Choice, and Most Original at our local Halloween Festivals. This was a great pick me up since a teacher had told him he was a Cool Navy Pilot, much to his dismay.

Union Civil War Soldier Costume

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