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The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge Costume

My 7 year old daughter found the “Have you laughed today” Laughing Cow Cheese commercial hilarious. She then declared to be Laughing Cow Cheese for Halloween!  She didn’t choose to be the cow, or the round box, but the wedge of cheese  that I had to buy and include in her school lunches. Not sure how to pull this off, I didn’t want to squash her creative mind.

My husband and I devised a way, with a cardboard box, some shiny duct tape and an enlarged label! Voila! It’s one of the easiest costumes we’ve made for her! I had wanted to spray paint the cow mask red, with a white nose but have had some bad luck getting paint to adhere to plastic in the past and only purchased one mask. It was very inexpensive, I should have ordered two to try that out!

We attached the earrings we made for her Cow Mask made out of the round cheese boxes, and she wore a little cow bell. She received a lot of compliments on her creativity during a downtown trick or treat this past weekend. She has a great time using her imagination each year, and my husband and I have come to love the challenge she presents to us – it’s a lot of fun making her costume and we love her unique ideas.

The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge Costume

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