Coolest WWF Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Costume

Homemade Ultimate Warrior WWF Costume

Growing Up in the 80’s I watched WWF, as many people did, and my ICON was the one and only Ultimate Warrior! I took one look at him and thought to myself, I could make a mirror image of him for Halloween…and then it began! At the fabric store I bought out all their rainbow … Read more

Coolest NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple Costume

Homemade NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple Costume

My brother Jesse and I went as the Walk/Don’t Walk signs in NY for Halloween last year. Jesse got the idea while walking around NYC and trying to think of something that would be instantly recognizable, but also flashy and would work perfectly for the 2 of us. The Homemade NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple … Read more

Cool Moulin Rouge Costume

Homemade Moulin Rouge Costume

I got the Moulin Rouge bug and began making the Black Diamond costume from the character Satine. I started with a black bustier and then I glued about 3000 rhinestones on this costume. I sewed the tux and tail and the lapels on then I glued rhinestones onto gloves a top hat and shoes. It … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costumes

Homemade Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costumes

My housemates and I go to the University of Winchester in the UK and our SU has themed nights most Fridays which we almost always go to and we always try to be original with our costumes and make them ourselves because it is often a lot cheaper and its fun! The theme this week … Read more

Coolest Homemade Google Maps Costume

Homemade Google Maps Costume

Hello I am Borja, from Madrid, Spain. Sorry for my poor English. I made the Homemade Google Maps Costume with a white t-shirt painting with markers. The marker is made from cardboard magenta and elastic bands to hold it. I think I could have done better but I did it in a day and almost … Read more

Coolest Homemade Centaur Costume with Moving Legs!

Homemade Centaur Costume

After going to Ren Faire last year, I sketched out a design for a Centaur costume with moving legs. The skull is pipe foam covers held together with masking tape and covered in Claycrete. The front hooves of the Centaur costume are high-heel boots with the heels ripped off and a sizable wood platform attached. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fantasy Warrior Chic Costume

Homemade Fantasy Warrior Chic Costume

I wanted to be fantasy type warriors for Halloween, just one problem!! I couldn’t find anything cool enough or close to what I had designed in my head. So I decided to make a Fantasy Warrior Chic Costume, & it turned out AWESOME! (in my opinion I started with some faux leather fabric, about … Read more

Coolest Tennis Player Costume

Wrecked Tennis Player

For the last five years I have been creating walking illusion costumes and this year, I did it again. I created the “Wrecked Tennis Player”. The best thing of this costume, was that it wasn’t heavy and bulky like the ones that I have made before. I took an old tennis racket that I had … Read more

Coolest Homemade Running Fridge Costume

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I’m always running (training for my first marathon), always hungry and, since all the boxes at work seem to get stored next to my office,my friend and I put the 3 together and created the Coolest Homemade Running Fridge costume. We printed out pictures (for the inside of the fridge) and personalized the outside of … Read more