Cool Moulin Rouge Costume

I got the Moulin Rouge bug and began making the Black Diamond costume from the character Satine. I started with a black bustier and then I glued about 3000 rhinestones on this costume. I sewed the tux and tail and the lapels on then I glued rhinestones onto gloves a top hat and shoes. It was a blast.

Unfortunately I sold it for cheap on Ebay thinking I would never wear it again and to this day all I have are the Halloween photos and memories.

I still have the Moulin Rouge bug and I recently made another showgirl costume with a feather bustle and I put together a costume that looks exactly like the Black Penoir that Nicole Kidman wore in the movie.

Total Spent: $350
Satine from Moulin Rouge costume

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10 thoughts on “Cool Moulin Rouge Costume”

  1. would you sell that??? I am doing a figure skating showcase number to Diamonds are a girls best friend from Moulin Rouge and that would be AMAZING!!!

  2. The fringing to the front? How was that attached and what sort of beading/jewelry did you use?

    It’s AMAZING and I’m suitably Jealous

  3. you are so good haha

    I am planning to make a replica of one of Satine’s dresses too.. though it would be my first time to make a dress..


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