I’ve wanted to make the black diamond costume from Moulin rouge for a long time so I finally did it! It took forever! I started it a few months ago and have been working on it every waking moment to get it done in time. I worked really hard to replicate it to the best of my ability. I did not sew anything. I used fabric glue for everything.

For the tails I used bugle bead trim and rhinestones. I did the scalloped detail and did 4 rows of scalloped trim on the tails. I used bugle bead trim and glued it on in a scalloped shape. Then put sequined fabric over that to cover the glue. Then it is trimmed with Swarovski rhinestones. The corset is covered in black fabric with silver sequins. Over that there is bugle bead trim glued over in rows running vertical. After that I glued the Swarovski rhinestones in scalloped shapes.

The tails are trimmed with big and small stars in a shooting star pattern. I used silver fabric glue and rhinestones for the details. I also used a few sequined silver stars. There is also rhinestone trim around the edges of the tails. The lapels on the corset are also in the same pattern, as the trim on the tails. I was not happy with my first corset, so I ended up redoing it. It looked so much better.

Everyone loved it. They couldn’t believe I made it. And said I did a really good job replicating it. It took  countless hours to make and I am very proud of it! I cant wait to wear it again.