Coolest Woman’s Sexy Mummy Costume

I was on a tight budget and running out of time before Halloween. But, I still wanted a fun and creative costume. I decided that I hadn’t seen many mummy costumes around since I was a child so I thought I’d give it a try. This Homemade Mummy Woman’s Costume was extremely inexpensive and easy to make.

I started with a white bandeau bra and some white boy shorts. I purchased white cheese cloth from the sewing/craft section at Walmart which was pretty cheap (I used a couple packages so if you desire a more conservative look I suggest purchasing a bit more). I simply cut the cloth into long strips and wrapped them around my body to my preferences. I also used some safety pins to secure the cloth more tightly to my top and bottoms.

I wore white flip flops and wrapped some of the cheese cloth around the sandals and up my leg. I finished the look by tying remaining strips of cloth wherever I thought looked good, using dark makeup, and big messy hair. Keep in mind as a mummy, the messier it looks the better it will turn out.

Homemade Mummy Woman's Costume

4 thoughts on “Coolest Woman’s Sexy Mummy Costume”

  1. I love this, I want to be a mummy this year and was wondering how to go about making a costume… I didn’t want to buy one cause they never turn out right. But I like what you did with the cheese cloth, I was gonna use streamers! But I think I’ll take your advice, I think it will look better!

  2. How did you wrap it around your boy shorts?? It is hard to tell in the picture if you just wrapped it like a skirt around the shorts or if you wrapped around your legs??

    love this idea!!!

  3. This costume was definitely a hit! As far as the bottoms, I wrapped the cheesecloth strips through my legs like shorts however if you know you’ll be needing to use the restroom I’d advise you to do it as a skirt or just pin the strips in certain areas because there was no putting it back together once it was taken off. Basically just place strips and wrap around yourself haphazardly, the messier the better. Good luck! :)

  4. Definitely doing this idea. Thanks!

    I was wondering how tall you were and how many packs you got? I myself am on a tight budget as well, so I don’t want to buy too many packs. I’m 5 foot tall and want to show as much skin as you are in this pic!

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