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Sweet Cob of Corn Costume for a Dog

Actually, this Sweet Corn costume was a remake from one that I fashioned for my daughter as a child.  That year, she was a corn, our youngest was a plump tomato, and I was the farmer! Our daughters are now in their 30’s!

I have always made my chidrens costumes, reclaiming household items and the like. That’s where the fun begins! This “sweet corn” dog costume was made from an old sweatshirt of my husband’s, an egg carton and black costume wig scraps. And for the most part a lot of trial and error  plus one very patient, lovable pooch!

The funniest part of this costume is the “corn silk” tassel top . Every time that I put this on our dog , Sophie, I can’t help but to laugh! She really is a very willing model especially when treats are in the offering. In fact, she even nuzzled the costume when it was on the table, wanting to wear it just one more time for some extra goodies!

Our costume debut was at out local Vet’s office’s Halloween contest. The entire office was in stitches and really thought that the costume was hilarious! She wears it well! We think that she is the “SWEETEST CORN” out there!

Sweet Cob of Corn Costume for a Dog

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