Finding just the right costume for a miniature dachshund is a little tricky due to their long bodies . . . our little dachshund Andouille ‘The Tube Steak’ Louie aka Dewey looks cute in long tubular designs. So what better costume than a CORN ON THE COB complete with a pad of butter.

Finding the materials for this costume was the fun part. I used a child’s small bright yellow t-shirt then cut the sleeves off and fit it to his body. I used a sewing machine, but you could probably just hand sew and hot glue it as well. Next, I hot glued approx. 400 small yellow pompoms and green silk leaves with wires in them for shaping. I could not imagine what to do with his real tail, so I made a fake one out of green felt and hot glued it on. I know he appreciates having is own tail free. Finishing the costume off with a few items: a large pad of butter on his back made out of Styrofoam wrapped in a piece of cheap yellow plastic table cloth and then laminating it in clear plastic packaging tape makes it look real! To avoid having to wear a collar, I sewed a metal loop on the neck of the corn to hook his leash for comfort and to avoid having too many things around his neck. A splash of color with a bandana which is just a small triangle cut from a red bandana to tie around his neck and a tiny straw hat (another piece of red bandana for a hatband). He looks like he just stepped off the farm. Yee Haw!!! CORN DOG!!!

I can’t wait for our area’s Halloween event and the dog’s costume contest! Dewey is so cute walking around is his corn costume. Despite the look on his face he really likes wearing costumes and this one is one of the easiest to wear ones that I have made him over the years. We are keeping out fingers crossed for a big win. . . . GO CORN DOG!

Happy Halloween