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Super Fetch Mean Girls Cast Costume for College Girls

This Fetch Mean Girls cast costume is such an easy costume idea and it was super last minute too!  All four of us combined things we already had in our closets for each costume, so we didn’t have to spend a dime.  We decided to wear what the girls wore on “Pink Day.” For Cady Heron, Erin simply wore a boy’s pink polo and jeans, as she borrows a shirt from Damian in the movie.  Becca, dressed as Gretchen Weiners, wore a black and white tweed skirt with simple cardigan and pink ruffled shirt.  The more preppy the better.

Curly hair is also a must for Gretchen.  Tori (me) as Regina George just wore a hot pink cardi and plain black skirt.  Of course, who could forget the scene where Janice cuts the boobs out of Regina’s top?  To emphasize this hilarious scene, we cut a white beater and a hot pink bra was worn underneath.  An “R” initial necklace completed Regina’s outfit.  As for Karen Smith, played by Emily, a hot pink lace skirt paired with a plain v-neck was an easy option.  To play up the character, Emily also drew the backwards “K” on her chest like Karen does on Halloween in the film.

All three of the plastics, Gretchen, Karen and Regina, all wore heels of course.  To complete the group costume, we created a “Burn Book” out of a hot pink binder and drew the letters to imitate the actual burn book on white copy paper.  The lipstick kiss in the middle was also a must.  We filled the binder with paper and kept a Sharpie on hand for people at the costume party to write in the “Burn Book.”  Reading all of the comments after the fact was absolutely hilarious.  We got so many compliments and laughs out of this super easy and free group costume and embracing the characters’ personalities was super fun and kept the night interesting!  In the words of Gretchen Weiners, this costume idea is “sooo fetch!”

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