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Super Creative Castaway and Wilson Couple Costume

My husband was in a beard contest nearing Halloween, so we came up with this Tom Hanks on Castaway and his best friend Wilson the volleyball. Tom Hanks as Castaway costume is really easy, raggy clothes, long beard and hair (he used a wig for the hair, but the beard, all natural). Cut the toes out of some old shoes, and tan/dirty yourself up. Shirtless and FedEx box are must haves.

The Wilson character was fairly simple – cheap volleyball, cut to fit head on one side, on opposite side cut strips so it looks worn. Glue foam in the top so you can poke with sticks and will rest comfortable on your head. The face paint was my favorite part, it completed the project. It was one of our best ideas yet. We won Most Creative Costume at our Halloween Party. Really fun for pictures, with him cupping my head like a ball.

Good luck making yours and Happy Halloween!

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