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Excellent Wilson and Tom Hanks Cast Away Couple Costume

Well we figured we’d do a cheap and creative costume.

For Wilson You’ll need:
4-5 stacks of newspaper (cut them into strips ahead of time)
Paper mache (we used flour {not bread flour}, water and glue)
White spray paint $5
3-4 ft inflatable ball (depending on your height or preference -we used 3 ft yoga ball)
Dark red/Blood red paint

How To Make:

Set your inflatable ball on a big bowl so you have some control and it stay in place and not roll everywhere
Grab a second bowl and mix your ingredients for the paper mache. I didn’t really measure but I would say about 2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water, if it’s too watery add a bit more flour and if it is too thick add water, it’s really all up to you. Take your strips of newspaper and soak them in the paper mache. Then as you start your first layer make sure you leave enough space to deflate the ball and enough space for your to fit through.

Tip: Let your first layer fully dry before you start your next layer.

Once you’ve had about 5-7 layers AND IS FULLY DRY, cut out your arm, neck and waist holes. Then use the white spray paint for Wilson’s skin color. LET DRY. Grab your sponge and draw Wilson.

For Tom Hanks You’ll Need:

a beard be creative and make it look old and messy
a head band
hiking/warrior stick
and your Wilson. We also used tanning oil and black face paint to make him look sweaty and messy

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