I made this hand made Wilson from Cast Away Costume by paper maching a 4 foot beach ball.  I did 5 layers of paper mache, 4 layers with newspaper and the last layer with ripped computer paper to save on paint.  During the paper mache process it is important to make sure you let air out of the ball after the layer dries and before putting a new layer on because otherwise the  ball gets too squished and cracks the layers (which happened to me) but it was easy to patch up.

I also didn’t have the ball blown up all the way when I started so I could make sure I would be able to fit through doors and get the costume in my car.  When cutting make sure to use a knife and then put glue on the edges to make them more solid.  I also traced the Wilson logo on the back of the volleyball.  When I wore the costume I went to Freakfest and it was very cold but I was warm because I wore tights with leggings over, and then three layers of white with a white sweatshirt.

To put all my stuff in I wore a fanny pack inside so all my stuff was safe.  Wilson was a great costume because I could plow through people, and my things were safe in a crowd, I was warm, and the second I left the car everyone started yelling Wilson at me.