Every year my fiance, Aaron’s, family has a big Halloween party and there’s a costume competition. His dad and step mom always win the Best Costume Award and we were determined to steal it from them this year so we were trying to think of something creative that no one else has done before. We went through a list of well-known movies and since one of Aaron and his dad’s favorite movies is the movie “Cast Away” he came up with the idea of us being Tom Hanks and the volleyball, Wilson.

This homemade Cast Away couple costume was pretty cheap to make, it just required a lot of paper-mache. My younger siblings already had a 4-ft. blow-up beach ball that I borrowed to use as the mold for Wilson. I paper-mached a couple layers around the beach ball and after it dried I just deflated it and took it out. Then I cut holes for my arms, head, and torso. After that I spray painted the ball white and then hand-painted the Wilson print on the front just looking off of an image I got off the internet.

For Aaron’s costume I just bought a piece of cloth and cut it to look a little weathered and we wrapped it around him and just tucked it into the top of his gym shorts. I bought him a caveman wig and printed out the Fed-Ex logo and glued it onto a box to use as a little prop. We also made a fake pocket watch with Helen Hunt’s picture on the backside for an added prop.

Needless to say… when we got to the party and his dad and step mom saw us all they said was…”crap!”