My girlfriend and I decided to mix up our usual Halloween ritual of being different types of food items and went with Tom Hank’s character and Wilson from our favorite movie “Cast Away.” Needless to say the costume was a huge hit, although everyone wanted to take more pictures with Wilson.

The Wilson costume was much more time consuming to make.  We started by getting a 4-foot beach ball and then paper mached many layers on it, leaving holes for the head and arms.  At first I was nervous it wasn’t going to work, so I wound up putting so  many layers on it that she could have gotten hit by a car and just rolled down the street it was so solid.  Anyway, after the paper machete hardened we spray painted the whole thing white, then spraypainted the Wilson face in a dark red color, with a dot of black for the air hole nose.  She wore white leggins and shirt, along with a Wilson head band with pieces of Palm sticking out to complete the Wilson look.

For the Tom Hanks character I basically just got a long beard and wig combo and used a cut up sheet for my bottom covering.  I got a Fedex box and long stick to complete the look.  I also tried to lose a few lbs after I knew what we were being to complete the look!