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Coolest Wilson and Tom Hanks Cast Away Homemade Couple Costume

My fiance and I wanted to make a funny couple costume and thought Cast Away would be fun and easy to do.

Tom Hank’s costume cannot be any easier. I purchased a cave man hair and beard set at a Halloween store for around $10 and the loin cloth was made from fabric bought at Walmart. To top off the costume, went to FedEx and asked for a free FedEx box.

The Wilson’s costume was made with thicker white fabric cut into a rectangular shape to fold around the body like a cylinder. My fiance cut slits on the top and bottom and threaded a silky white ribbon through and tied it off. Using the same ribbon, she sewed on the straps. I painted the Wilson face on her dress with red art paint. She actually wore a puffy cocktail dress underneath to add volume adding the rounded effect for a volleyball look. To top off that costume, she tied her hair up with the silk ribbon and added some face paint (isn’t she cute?!).

Went to a party with these costumes. I walked in first and people had no idea what I was supposed to be but once my fiance showed herself, they all had a hoot. Everyone loved the costume! They thought it was really funny and cute. One warning for Tom Hank’s costume though, depending where you live, Halloween night may be quite chilly to be top less. We had a great time making these costumes and hope you guys will too!

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